Cupcakes for $1.99  All Day Every Day

We are late comers to the cupcake game.  Why?  Because frankly we didn't like the idea of selling you over-priced and over-hyped cupcakes.  At the end of the day, they are still cupcakes.  So we waited until we thought we could do them in a quality way for a reasonable price.

We then came up with a tongue-in-cheek way to promote them because one of our favorite questions was, "Why does everyone make such a Big Hollywood Production out of a cupcake?"

Our cupcakes come with Hollywood Themes and Main Street prices. We sell them for $1.99 each all day, every day.  We don't pretend to be as fancy as those other places, but we think we clean up nice when you want to take a cupcake out and enjoy!  You can customize your cupcake often for the same low price.  If your idea is really intricate, we may charge you .50 or 1.00 more.  

Our cupcakes tend to sell out fast so we highly recommend that you ORDER IN ADVANCE to ensure you get the cupcakes you want!  
Custom Cupcakes

We can make a cupcake into just about anything and for less than most places.  Give us a call or email your ideas and let's discuss!  

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