Whether it is old-fashioned cookies by the pound or over-sized favorites, we've got your Bliss!  We start every day with select cookies on hand and stand ready to make your favorites with 24 hours notice.  
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Cookies By the Pound

We import old-fashioned favorites from New York just for you.  Linzer Tarts, Pistachio Cookies, Florentines in vanilla or chocolate icing, Shortbread, Dutch Boys, and more!

Bliss Bakery Cookies

Over-sized and under-budget!  We make large mouth-watering chewy delicious favorites for only $1.49 each.

Downtown Chocolate Chip made with 60% Cacao Chocolate this is a traditional cookie made to perfection.  Chewy goodness in every bite,  

Cabbie Black and White- New Yorkers have been hailing this Big City favorite for years.  Pound cake goodness with a slight cookie crispness smothered in chocolate and vanilla icing.  Beep Beep!  

California Raisin Oatmeal- you may have heard through the grapevine that we've found the perfect blend of California Raisins and Rolled Oatmeal.  Caution!  This is so good, you are about to lose your mind!  

Waverly Peanut Butter- The birthplace of the peanut gives name to a Bliss Bakery favorite.  Our rich creamy peanut butter baby proves you don't need a monocle,top hat and cane to step out in style!  

Wisconsin Cranberry White Chocolate- Crisp and tart cranberries marry sweet and rich white chocolate to create a cookie combination made in Heaven.  

Creole SugarCookie- The Bayous of Lousiana produce some of the nation's best sugar cane.  Bliss makes it into a sugar sensation!  

Specialty Cookies

Looking for a special cookie creation?  At Bliss we can customize your cookie desire just about any way you want it!  From Cookie Cakes to wedding treats to different sizes of our regular cookie offerings, Bliss can make it happen for you!  Give us a call at 368-CAKE today and let's discuss your needs.  
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